February 10, 2007 - March 18, 2007



With an eye for finding beauty within the mundane, Elisabeth’s work is sculpture based but branches out into many different mediums such as drawing, film, and claymations. She is also currently learning how to tattoo and she self publishes a bi-monthly zine. Elisabeth is predominately known for her origami animal sculptures made from discarded human refuse which can include anything from old gloves to blankets to baseballs. She gives new life to cast away treasures which we can recognise in both its former glory and in its rebirth as her finished art work.

Over the course of her residency she will will be working on producing an animation based on her neighbourhood and community in Montréal, Quebec, that will coexist with two of her previously completed claymations The Great Hopeful Someday and Perfect. She will create a sense of community through her work as well as works by other Montréal artists, after which she will do artist’s talks and animation workshops.