PAST: Fruit Salad - presented by Umbrella Projects

Updated: Jan 25

A Series of Queer and Gender Non-Conforming Videos and Performances

Tom Rubnitz, Strawberry Shortcut, 1989, 1:32 min

Fruit Salad: A Series of Queer and Gender Non-Conforming Videos and Performances 26 October to 9 November 2020 On view at the Owens Art Gallery picture window + on the Umbrella Projects site

Fruit Salad features a mélange of videos and filmed performances that explore gender performativity and celebrate masquerade, personas, and other fluid forms of identity. The artists included here use queer and feminist theory to critique gender roles and homophobia embedded in Western culture. Their alter egos and performances function as multivocal tools for the expression of identities that question the social constructs and confines of gender. Drag personas, caricatures, eccentric costuming, and anthropomorphism thus serve as methods to critique and deconstruct discriminatory gender essentialism and its ideals.

Features work by:


The Clichettes

Marissa Sean Cruz

Maya Ben David

Séamus Gallagher

Jillian Mayer

Lucas Morneau

Victoria Sin

Ariel Smith

Feather Talia

Tom Rubnitz

Read the exhibition essay here

Curated by Hannah Bridger, Emily Falvey, and Lucas Morneau


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