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Members Project | Living is Easy | Bliss Behar

Updated: Oct 27, 2021


Living is Easy is a professional development program for Struts Gallery Members. Participating artists are invited to use gallery space to stage or document work, install an exhibit, or generally experiment with their work in the space.

Exhibition dates: August 24th - September 4th

A younger person resting their chin on their hand. They are lit with blue light, and the background looks like a blue cracked phone screen.


By Bliss Behar

Offline is an art show about the increasingly unhealthy relationship that we have with social media. With the use of broken laptops and smashed phones this art show communicates the desensitised lives we lead created by living online and the hushed destruction that it causes throughout our world. Can activism truly make change within this inherently corrupt technology?


Want to participate in programs like this in the future? Become a Struts Gallery Member! Available online here.


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