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Artist Project | Sappy Support Line

Updated: May 27, 2021

Feeling sappy? The SAPPY SUPPORT LINE starts today!

Wed July 29-Aug 1

Noon-8pm (Atlantic)


This year, a lot of us will be spending the last week of July thinking about how we’re not at Sappyfest—singing and dancing and sweating together, meeting old friends and making new ones, deep in the music and the conversations and the joy. Ariel Sharratt and Mathias Kom of The Burning Hell want to help us all reconnect, in spite of the distances that separate us, and to that end they’ll be running “Sappy Support Line,” a pop-up call centre (because we all love call centres, right?!!?) at Struts Gallery. From noon until 8pm (Sackville time), from Wednesday July 28 through Saturday August 1, you’ll be able to call the Sappy Support Line and Ariel and Mathias will be your switchboard, connecting you by telephone to over thirty different Sappy artists, alumni, volunteers and community members. Someone might play you a song, tell you a story or a joke, or just chat with you about your Sappyfest memories and dreams. Sappyfest weekend is about music and art, of course, but it’s also about intimacy and friendship, and about chance encounters, and the creation of an extended community. We hope this experiment in communication might help us all experience a bit of the Sappy swamp magic we’ve come to cherish.

When you’re calling the Sappy Support Line, you’re calling a friend.


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