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Toronto, Canada: Doris McCarthy Art Gallery, 2014
[120 pp.], 22.6 x 14.7 x 2 cm., hardcover

A handsomely designed catalogue to accompany the travelling exhibition of the same name. The title phrase “entre chien et loup” translates literally into "between dog and wolf" but is used to describe a time of day,  just before night, when the light is so dim one cannot distinguish the two animals. It also expresses that limit between the familiar, the comfortable versus the unknown and the dangerous, the domestic and the wild. It is an uncertain threshold between hope and fear.

Harper's first monograph is a white clothbound book (with a discreet foil stamped cover) held in a die-cut cardboard slipcase, designed by Lauren Wickware. It features an introduction from Doris McCarthy Director/Curator Ann MacDonald and the essays "The Magic of The Handmade Thing" by Lise Stone & Jim Zanzi, "My Life as a Placeholder" by Jan Peacock, "All at Once" by Crystal Mowry and "Whether Pigs Have Wings" by Robin Metcalfe.

Entre le Chien et | David R Harper

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