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Struts Gallery has 3 gallery spaces, as depicted in the floor plan below.

Artists-in-Residence are invited to use Gallery 1 and 2 as a studio space, to research, produce and exhibit projects as they wish.


Between October and March, Gallery 3 is dedicated to START Gallery, a student-run exhibition venue for the Fine Arts students at Mount Allison University. When the gallery is not in use by Artists-in-Residence or START Gallery, it is made available for alternative programming.


Gallery 1

Struts Gallery all 3 no Ceiling.jpg

Floor plan of Struts Gallery. 

Download 3D models of the gallery spaces at Struts

We have created a variety of 3D models for all 3 gallery spaces at Struts for you to download. 

Click on the links below to download  ZIP folders containing FBX, STL, OBJ for each gallery space, or all galleries combined.

You'll notice:

  • There are individual files for each gallery with and without the ceiling.

  • The no ceiling files will allow you to view the space from above and contain useful measurements.

  • Wall plugs, lighting rigs, beams, and doors have been included in these models to give an accurate sense of the useable space.

  • We have also provided JPG stills of the no ceiling files for reference. 

Click here to download files for Gallery 1

Click here to download files for Gallery 2

Click here to download files for Gallery 3

Click to download files for All Galleries combined

Here is a list of the file types we've provided and software that works well with them.

FBX - this file works well with online viewers such as

            can be used with game/VR creation software such as Unreal Engine and Unity

            the materials data is built into this file type

STL -  this file is associated with CAD software and can be imported into Sketchup

            there is no material data associated with this file 

OBJ - this file is widely compatible with most 3D software such as Blender

            there are separate MTL(material) files associated with each OBJ file 

            we have created ZIP files that contain both the OBJ and MTL file 

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