Struts Gallery is dedicated to facilitating the production and presentation of exceptional contemporary art, to providing public workshops, to hosting public artist talks and lectures, and to promoting the development of Media Arts. Struts achieves these goals through the following programs:


In 2020/21, Struts partnered with the Owens Art Gallery to form Umbrella Projects, a new collaborative venture designed to pool our resources, energies, and respective strengths in order to facilitate new, innovative, off-site programming throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.


Open Studio is a series of five-week artist residencies that offer a professional artist fee, per diem, travel expenses, accommodation, studio space within the gallery, and access to our media art equipment. Artists are offered the freedom to continue their practice, develop a new project or site-specific work, and are encouraged to creatively engage with the community through talks, workshops, or other artist-initiated events. The Open Studio program aims to develop artists’ practices by supporting experimentation without the pressure to present a resolved body of work.


Faucet Media Centre is a central part of our program, facilitating all forms of Media Arts. We offer members access to our extensive holdings of professional media art equipment ranging from cutting-edge digital to vintage analogue. In addition to our holdings, we are committed to providing guidance, and mentorship through: one-on-one training; media art workshops led by professional artists; the ADHOC workshop series led by the production manager; as well as access to a series of equipment and tech tip tutorials available to stream on YouTube.​​


A Handmade Assembly was established in 2011 as an annual program, co-presented with the Owens Art Gallery. The four-day event brings together Canadian and international artists, curators, and others to lead discussions, facilitate workshops, initiate projects, mount exhibitions, and share in the common theme of the handmade. The Assembly interprets the handmade broadly, embracing interdisciplinary and wide-ranging critical inquiry.

The long-running program will come to a close with its 10th and final iteration in the form of a publication exploring these themes through critical texts and artist projects conceived for the printed page. The publication is forthcoming.


The Timeshare Mentorship program pairs an emerging media artist with a mid-career or established artist to provide guidance in developing a new film or video project, with full access to our media equipment and facilities.  As part of the program, the mentor is invited to give an artist talk and screening of their work to the local community, and the mentee is offered the opportunity to screen their final work at the end of the program.


As an additional benefit to our membership, the Living is Easy program supports professional and artistic development of our members. Through this initiative we offer space and support for regional artists to exhibit their work, lead workshops and presentations, and engage with the public.


Ease on Down the Road is an artist-in-residence program aimed at supporting emerging media artists. Struts pays a stipend for travel and offers mentorship and guidance to two regional emerging artists each year as they experiment and develop new work. The artists stay in our private apartment and have unlimited access to studio space and the centre’s equipment holdings during their residency.


Start Gallery is a juried gallery space designated for and run by Mount Allison Fine Arts students. Exhibitions are held during the fall and winter semesters and the gallery is administered by a student co-ordinator. This initiative provides Fine Arts, Art History and Museum & Curatorial Studies students the opportunity for hands-on development of professional practices.