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Struts Gallery is dedicated to facilitating the production and presentation of exceptional contemporary art, to providing public workshops, to hosting public artist talks and lectures, and to promoting the development of Media Arts. Struts achieves these goals through the following programs:​


Open Studio is a series of five-week artist residencies that offer a professional artist fee, per diem, travel expenses, accommodation, studio space within the gallery, and access to our media art equipment. Artists are offered the freedom to continue their practice, develop a new project or site-specific work, and are encouraged to creatively engage with the community through talks, workshops, or other artist-initiated events. The Open Studio program aims to develop artists’ practices by supporting experimentation without the pressure to present a resolved body of work.


Open Studio Artists in Residence are selected annually through a call for proposals which opens in the fall. Proposals are reviewed by a selection committee of peer assessors.  (Visit our Open Calls page.​)


The Media Arts Production Fund is a regional fund open to artists living in Atlantic Canada and supports the creation of media arts projects including video, audio, XR, film, new media, performance, digital, electronics, 3D printing, and time-based art. Commercial music videos and music recordings are not eligible for the production fund. Successful applicants will receive a one-time grant of up to $2000, which can be used towards materials and production expenses, equipment purchases, and/or living expenses. A $1000 in-house production credit, including equipment rental, software use, facilities use, and support and training from Struts staff (maximum of 20 hours, $30/hour). Short-term accommodations at the Struts apartments may be available upon request.  The Media Arts Production Fund does not include funds towards travel. Struts staff can provide letters of support for any artists applying for travel grants to use its facilities.


Recipients of the Media Arts Production Fund are selected annually through a call for proposals which opens in the fall. Proposals are reviewed by a selection committee of peer assessors. (Visit our Open Calls page.)


Living Is Easy is an ongoing professional development program for Struts Gallery members to use the gallery for self-directed exploration for a project period of 2 weeks. This could entail documenting work, installing an exhibition, hosting workshops, and/or experimenting with process in the studio space. Participating artists have the support of Gallery staff and access to tools and equipment during their project period. Struts Gallery will also promote the program and participants through its website, social media, and newsletter. 


Living Is Easy project periods take place between May – August. Applications for the year open in late winter. (Visit our Open Calls page.​)


Struts Media Centre is a central part of our program, facilitating all forms of Media Arts. We offer members access to our extensive holdings of professional media art equipment ranging from cutting-edge digital to vintage analogue. In addition to our holdings, we are committed to providing guidance, and mentorship through: one-on-one training; media art workshops led by professional artists; the ADHOC workshop series led by the production manager; as well as access to a series of equipment and tech tip tutorials available to stream on YouTube.​​


A collaboration between Galerie Sans Nom and Struts Gallery, FRUIT LOOPS is a mélange of LGBTQ2SIA+ video artworks and filmed performances exploring gender performativity and celebrating masquerade, personas, and other fluid forms of identity.


The Sweetest Little Thing is the most important annual fundraising event for the Owens Art Gallery and Struts Gallery in Sackville, NB. It's been happening since 1999! Every dollar raised goes directly to supporting programming at both galleries. This event is made possible by the generosity of local, national, and internationally recognized artists who have established connections with our galleries and who are part of our community. Learn more about it here.


Since its inception in 2006, Struts has partnered with music festival Sappyfest in one way or another. In 2024 Struts issued a call for Sappyfest adjacent ambient artworks. (Visit our Open Calls page.)



Start Gallery is a juried gallery space designated for and run by Mount Allison Fine Arts students. Exhibitions are held during the fall and winter semesters and the gallery is administered by a student co-ordinator. This initiative provides Fine Arts, Art History and Museum & Curatorial Studies students the opportunity for hands-on development of professional practices. Check out START Gallery's Instagram

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