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Calls for submission

Open Studio Residency Program 2024

Deadline for Submissions: October 16, 2023


Struts Gallery welcomes applications from visual and media artists to participate in our annual Open Studio Residency Program. Residencies are five-weeks beginning in May 2024 through October 2024. The program aims to develop artists’ practices by supporting experimentation without the pressure to present a resolved body of work. Artists are offered the freedom to continue their practice or develop a new project or site-specific work. The residency is artist-driven and independent, with staff assistance available for community outreach, technical and logistical support. Artists are asked to creatively engage with the community through at least one public event (artist talk, workshop, or another artist-initiated event).


Participants are provided with 24-hour access to a studio space in the gallery and a private, furnished apartment with a separate entrance on the 2nd floor above the gallery. The studio space is open to visits from the public during regular operating hours. 


Struts Gallery pays an artist fee of $3250, $30 per diem ($750 total for 25 working days),travel costs, and $200 toward any materials associated with workshops or other public events. Artists-in-residence also have access to the centre’s media arts equipment and facilities. 


Residencies are selected in a two-step process. First a committee of Struts Gallery members reviews the applications and determine a shortlist. Secondly, Struts staff interview the short list over zoom.


Submission guidelines and form can be found here.  


Please reach out if you have any questions about this application, selection process or the facilities. If these guidelines present an obstacle to you or your work, we will accommodate alternative formats including video and audio. Please email or call to arrange these accommodations — gallery staff are happy to assist. 


(506) 536-1211

You can read more about the Open Studio Residence here

Open Studi Residency
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