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Struts Gallery welcomes applications from visual and media artists to participate in our annual Open Studio Residency Program. The deadline to apply for Open Studio 2024  is October 16. For application guidelines and submission form click here.


Residencies are five-weeks long, beginning in May 2024 through October 2024. The program aims to develop artists’ practices by supporting experimentation without the pressure to present a resolved body of work. Artists are offered the freedom to continue their practice or develop a new project or site-specific work. The residency is artist-driven and independent, with staff assistance available for community outreach, technical and logistical support. Artists are asked to creatively engage with the community through at least one public event (artist talk, workshop, or another artist-initiated event).


Participants are provided 24-hour access to a studio space in the gallery and a private, furnished apartment with a separate entrance on the 2nd floor above the gallery. 


Residencies are selected in a two-step process. First a committee of Struts Gallery members reviews the applications and determine a short list of artists. Secondly, Struts staff conduct interviews with the short list.


Struts Gallery pays an artist fee of $3000, $750 per diem for 25 working days, travel costs, and $150 toward materials associated with workshops or other public events. Artists-in-residence also have access to the centre’s media arts equipment and facilities.


Participants are provided with 24-hour access to a studio space in the gallery. The studio space is open to the public during regular operating hours. Artists in Residence also have access to the centre’s media arts equipment and facilities, including our extensive equipment holdings (click here for a full list).

Artists-in-Residence stay in the Struts Gallery apartment, located on the second floor above the gallery. This private apartment is fully furnished and includes linens and towels, and basic kitchen amenities. The building is over 100 years old and feels like it. The gallery and apartment are right downtown, with a big grocery store a 3-minute walk away.


Accessibility notes: There are two flights of stairs that lead to the second floor. There are no washrooms in the building that are wheelchair accessible, have safety grab bars or supports at this time. The nearest accessible washroom is at The Painted Pony about 500m away on Bridge Street. Our second floor is not wheelchair accessible. We sincerely apologize for these barriers.



Sackville is a rural community of roughly 6000 people in the newly amalgamated district of Tantramar, built on unceded Mi’kma’ki. Its largest institution is Mount Allison University, with the campus taking up a substantial amount of the town. It has a prized Waterfowl Park, a hospital, a public library, a liquor store, a cannabis dispensary, a few banks, a few gas stations and fast food by the highway, and as many restaurants and bars as you can count on two hands. It has very limited commercial resources – no big box stores. You can get a monthly pass at the university gym. 


Sackville has a very high density of artists per capita, and Struts Gallery operates within an extremely supportive arts community. We rely on the generosity of our community to source equipment and random things for visiting artists. Struts is a 30-minute drive along the trans-Canada Highway to Moncton, and 15 minutes to Amherst, where you can find most big box stores and commercial amenities. 


Sackville is fantastic for walking and running and engaging with the land. In the summer months, Silver Lake is a ten-minute bike and is a fantastic swim. The beautiful sandy beaches of the Northumberland Coast are a 30-40 minute car drive north. To the south, the dramatic tides of the Bay of Fundy. 



Sackville has no public transportation as almost everything is walkable. Struts can provide you with a bicycle, but we have no vehicle. The closest car rental location is Amherst, but people tend to have better luck with car sharing apps.



Lucy Pullen

Penny McCann

Eric Walker

Deborah Margo

Kathleen Sellars

Peter Flemming

Carl Zimmerman

Goody-B Wiseman

John Porter

Shary Boyle

Mike MacDonald

Rita McKeough

Craig Francis Power

Robyn Moody

Candice Tarnowski

Hadley + Maxwell

John Dummet

Graeme Patterson

Jerry Ropson

Uta Riccius

Richard Ibghy & Marilou Lemmens

Daniel Barrow

Chan Van Gaalen

Ian Burse & Laura Kavanaugh

Leah Garnett

Marc Bell & Amy Lockhart

Mitchell Weibe

Elisabeth Belliveau

Goody-B Wiseman

Kenny Doren

Liz MacDougal

Alex MacKenzie

Ken Gregory

Robert Santaguida

Pam Hall & Margaret Dragu

Seth Scriver & Shayne Ehman

Kate O'Conner

Christine Cheung

Robert Shedden

Lisa Lipton

Daniel Olson

Michael Young

James Kirkpatrick

Scott Rogers

Christy Georg

Caitlin Thompson

Mary Rothlisberger & Lisa Lipton

Yoko Homareda

Jacynthe Loranger

Ray Fenwick

Zeke Moores

JR Carpenter

Hazel Meyer

Alison Creba

Gillian Dykeman

Brian McKenna

Eryn Foster

Sue Johnston

Alexandre Larose & Solomon Nagler

Robert Hengeveld & Marcia Huyer

Chris Foster

Humberto Duque

Brandon Jan Blommaert

Kyle Whitehead

Sheilah Wilson

Sarah Burwash

Amanda McCavour

Kristen McCrea

Carissa Carman

Andrew John Milne

Vika Kirchenbauer

Andréanne Godin

Daniel Barrow

GAMBLETRON & Johnny Forever Nawracaj

D'Arcy Wilson

Liss Platt

Myriam Jacob-Allard

Cultural Capital Consortium

Beth Frey

Marco D'Andrea

Life of a Craphead

Keeley Haftner

Kayla Polan

Miranda Bellamy

Anne-F Jacques

Shirin Sabahi

Robyn Love

Marc Bell

Colleen Collins

Madelaine Mayo

Lou Sheppard

Anna Hawkins
Gesig Isaac & Jamie Ross

Jon Sasaki

Cynthia Naggar
Benjamin Evans
Amy Siegel
Dominique Pétrin

Thea Jones






































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