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8 1/2 Days of Performance | Untitled Peter Tripp Project

Join Open Studio Artists in resisdence, Bundon Pfeifer Henderson for 8 1/2 Days of Performance. Dates and locations listed below!

Saturday July 29th:

All Cross/Overcoat site-specific performance, 11:00am at Main and Bridge St.

Sunday July 30th:

Late-Night Lock-Groove experimental music, CHMA 106.9fm at midnight

Monday July 31st:

Ground Loop performance experiment, downtown, late morning

Winged and Wireless site-specific installation, afternoon on Bridge St.

Tuesday August 1st:

Sleepwalk Duet public performance, mid-afternoon downtown

Wednesday August 2nd:

Dirge for Radio performance study, 7-10pm at Struts

Thursday August 3rd:

Smoking Jacket performance work-in-progress, 1-3pm at Struts

Friday August 4th:

Solo Show Tonight performance art, 5pm at Struts

Twilight Storytime reading, 10pm-2am at Struts

Saturday August 5th:

SappyFest UPTP Showcase performance grab-bag extravaganza, 5-7pm at Struts

Late Night at the Drive-In experimental music, midnight at Struts and on CHMA 106.9fm

Sunday August 6th:

Jay’s Discount Discs performance, 3pm at Ducks Aren’t Real


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