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AD HOC WORKSHOP | Caffenol and Other Homemade Developers

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

Join Struts Gallery's Production Manager Lucas Morneau and develop your photography and cinematography skills at home by developing your black and white film from home using household materials. In this AD HOC WORKSHOP, we will be exploring the caffenol process, homemade fixers, and experimenting with other possible developers.

A photograph of Lucas (a white moustachioed person with a short beard, wearing a read and white striped shirt) from the shoulders up, standing in front of a white wall. To his left, the chemical symbol for sodium carbonate floats midair.
A photograph of Lucas (a white figure with a shaved head, wearing a black t-shirt, a grey apron, and a brown mask) stands kitty-corner to a domestic white galley kitchen, with his right hand over a paper-ed pan on the stove.
A photo of Lucas (a white person wearing a black t-shirt, dark pants, and a brown mask) staring into a domestic sink from the right side of the frame. Various kitchen items--paper towel, yogurt containers, a box of salt--are on the countertop, and the short white fridge is obscured by his body. To the left, floating white text reads "CAFFENOL MIX For 1L: 54g of washing soda, 16g of Vitamin C, 10g of iodized salt, 40g of instant coffee. Mix in this order."
A grayscale screenshot of a photo editing software on a desktop, featuring a photograph of a crocheted sweater that reads "Sissies St. John's", bordered by a red line.


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