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Call for Participation | Member's Project | 6 Minute Eggs

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

Tuesday, September 12

More sessions to be announced here

Struts Gallery

6 MINUTE EGGS is an opportunity for people to come together in the spirit of fostering artful and artistic friendships in the region. 6 MINUTE EGGS is a monthly forum for people across creative disciplines to present their work, from visual arts to podcasting, music to culinary arts, poetry to masonry, and everything in between. The presentation style is set to 6 minutes with a maximum of 20 slides, allowing for a variety of speakers and minimal prep. The floor is open for people to present new work, old work, seek collaboration, or push their practice to the point of description. There is endless potential to speak to what moves you. Presenters will field questions from a curious and receptive audience. Following presentations, drinks will be served.

Instigated by Struts member Alana Morouney, 6 MINUTE EGGS will be on Tuesday evenings for now. If you'd like to participate but for some reason that time doesn't work for you, be in touch! ALL EGGS, NO EGO.

If you’d like more information or to present at the upcoming 6 MINUTE EGGS, email

This page will be updated with more details as 6 Minute Eggs evolves.


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