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A Day of Performance Art | Conversations

Updated: Aug 10, 2022

Saturday, May 28 - Beginning at 3pm Organized by Linda Rae Dornan

Nicole Haché | Sans Destination Particulière

Haché questions social constructions and explores systems of communication. Seeking to depict a place where science and aesthetics merge, the artist conceptualizes a parallel between these disparate fields to create links between art, science and society. With Sans destination particulière, Haché explores our ties to the the forest where we can immerse ourselves and where time seems suspended. In this natural space, stripped of materiality, our senses awake and we are filled with life energy. Haché wonders about the possible effects of this ecosystem on our physical and mental health.

Avec « Sans destination particulière », l'artiste explore le lien qui nous unit à la forêt, ce lieu dans lequel on peut s'immerger et où le temps semble suspendu. Dans ce milieu naturel, dénué de toute matérialité, tous nos sens sont en éveil et le corps se laisse imprégner de l'énergie du vivant. L'artiste s'interroge sur la synergie possible et les répercussions de cet écosystème sur notre santé physique et mentale.

Mathieu Léger | From the series In Regard to Rendering

Léger’s performance work involves ideas of permanence, impermanence, and the potential between these states. He is interested in the systems that engage with the transformation and creation of structures and relationships within nature; the static versus the dynamic. Using historical information, mythologies, and personal narratives, he conjures poetic performances that reach out toward the audience as partners of the experience.

Garry Sanipass | Untitled

New to performance art, Sanipass will be exploring painting, consumerism and Trickster characteristics to defy the conventional about the values placed on art. Sanipass is a New Brunswick painter and mask maker transforming his Mi’k maq roots into art.

Abedar Kamgari | Untitled

An emerging artist, curator, and arts worker based in Hamilton and Toronto, Abedar unpacks social and cultural complexities of displacement and diaspora using site-responsive, embodied, and relational approaches to performance art. She is currently exploring diasporic archives, familial inheritances, and the slippery idea of distance. Distance may be shaped by time, language, gender, geography, race, and many other factors. Distance is not always a bad thing.

While in residence at Struts, Abedar will further develop these ideas through objects and performances inspired by the set of a play written by her father. Her project considers multiple forms of distance as membranes with varying degrees of permeability. What role might performance and poetry play in both stretching and shrinking distance?

Abedar received a BFA in Studio Art from McMaster University in 2016 and has performed, screened, and exhibited in a range of institutional contexts throughout Southern Ontario since. As a curator and arts worker, she has organized exhibitions, screenings, and community programs on topics such as migration, race, labour, equity, and gentrification. Abedar is currently the Programming Director at Hamilton Artists Inc. and an MFA candidate at OCAD University.


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