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Film Screening and Artist Talk | olive, almond & mustard ... | Sarindar Dhaliwal

olive, almond & mustard ...

by Sarindar Dhaliwal

(2010) 12m 45s

Wednesday, July 10, 7pm

Join us for a screening of olive, almond & mustard… by Open Studio Artist in Residence, Sarindar Dhaliwal.

"In Britain of the 1950’s and 60’s my mother would wash my hair in warmed-up homemade yoghurt then rub olive oil (sometimes almond or mustard oil) into my scalp before braiding and putting in ribbons. The film records this alienating experience – exacerbated by the political and journalistic diatribes against immigrants in England at that time. My mother's insistence on this grooming ritual, common in the country of her birth (India) was at odds with my desire to conform to the culture of my adopted homeland."

The work was an expansion of the visual and conceptual territory that had been the focus of Sarindar's work since the early 80s. Following the screening, Sarindar will provide commentary on the genesis of her work, the influence of artists Susan Hiller and Tracey Moffat, and the film's production, including the challenges encountered as a first-time filmmaker.


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