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Film Screening | Timeline | Dave Dyment

Saturday, October 28, on repeat 11am – 7pm

Mount Allison Library and Archives, 49 York St.

Library Theatre

Timeline will be shown as part of No Ceiling: It's About Time

20,000 years of cinematic history condensed into the length of a feature film. Comprised entirely of establishing shots from cinema and television, Timeline begins in the year 17,000 BC and continues forward throughout the centuries. With footage repurposed from period-piece dramas and biopics, all the way through to speculative fiction, the works presents a history of the planet in which fact and fiction co-mingle.

The total run time of Timeline is 1h 37min. It will be played on repeat and beginning every hour and forty minutes. Audience members are welcome to attend part or all. If you'd like to watch Timeline from beginning to end, arrive at any of the following start times: 11am, 12:40pm, 2:20pm, 4pm or 5:40pm.

About the artist

Dave Dyment is an artist whose practice includes audio, video, photography, performance, writing and curating, and the production of artists’ books and multiples. His research-based work is primarily interested in the ways that cultural value is accrued, and an investigation into the language and grammar of music, cinema and television, in order to arrive at a kind a folk taxonomy of a shared popular vocabulary.

His publications include Watching Night of the Living Dead (Platform Gallery), Pop Quiz (Paul + Wendy Projects) and New Life for Fire (Art Metropole), a collaboration with Lee Ranaldo of Sonic Youth. Dyment’s work has exhibited across Canada and sits in many private and corporate collections, and in the libraries of the AGO and National Gallery of Canada. He has participated in many outdoor art festivals, including Toronto’s Nuit Blanche (2010, 2012), Nocturne in Halifax (2013), London’s LOLA festival (2008, 2009) and In/Future (Toronto, 2016). He was the Canadian artist-in-residence at the Glenfiddich distillery in Dufftown Scotland in the summer of 2008, and participated in the Montreal Biennale in 2014.

Examples of his work can be seen at


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