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Upcoming Programming | Living is Easy

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

A poster of an illustrated version of Struts' doorway, sunny yellow with a blue 7 above the door. Over top, blue text reads "Living is easy: a series of projects by Struts members."

Struts Gallery is pleased to announce this year's upcoming Living Is Easy artists.

AUGUST 3rd - 14th:

Indu Varma

Madeleine Hansen

Cheyenne Kean-Lemery


Bliss Behar

Maryse Arseneault

John Murchie

SEPTEMBER 13th - 25th:

Kaeli Cook

Annie France Noël

Alana Morouney



Living is Easy is a professional development program for Struts Gallery Members. Participating artists are invited to use gallery space to stage or document work, install an exhibit, or generally experiment with their work in the space. The artists will have the support of Gallery staff and access to tools and equipment during their project period. Struts Gallery will also promote the program and participants through its website, social media, and publicity avenues.

Want to participate in programs like this in the future? Become a Struts Gallery Member! Available online here.


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