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Living Is Easy | Upcoming Projects May 2022

Updated: Aug 10, 2022

April 30 – May 13

Ysabelle Vautour (Fredericton NB)

After a career in the mental health and disability support sector, Ysabelle began painting in 2019, deciding to create art every day for a year. Legally blind and inspired by art therapy, she works close-up, focussing on the process and not the finished product. Ysabelle is incredibly active as an artist and disability advocate in the region, exhibiting and speaking regularly throughout New Brunswick.

Ysabelle will use the space to present new paintings and an installation exploring playful and multi-sensory ways to look at ableism.

“We can travel inwards and look at our world differently through careful attention and mindfulness. We live in a visual world, and often ignore our felt sense of things. I would like to draw our attention to look through the eyes of a visually impaired painter. To see what takes priority in my world. When we explore the plurality of the human experience, we can enter into worlds that are not our own and experience empathy which is the starting point to create access.”

April 30 – May 13

Tara Bursey (Hamilton ON)

Tara is an interdisciplinary artist, self publisher and arts worker. Her artwork has been exhibited across Canada as well as in Copenhagen, Berlin, and Eye, Suffolk, UK, and she has presented her research in the areas of textiles and contemporary art at Symposia in Los Angeles, Sackville, and Savannah. Most recently, she has worked rigorously in the areas of programming and education, bringing arts education to first and second graders at her neighbourhood school, and curating exhibitions about zines, trade union banners, and professional wrestling.

For her Living is Easy project, Tara will be facilitating the Art and Labour Lab. Ring in May Day 2022 by taking part in the beginnings of this new project. Inspired by the aesthetics of 20th century job centres, the Art and Labour Lab is a participatory project that archives intersections of art, cultural work, and labour organizing. Over two weeks, visitors can contribute to a growing collection of resources that will be displayed and distributed in future iterations of the project. Learn! Create! Share! Organize!

May 17 – 28

Ellie Charron-Blais (Moncton NB)

Alana Morouney (Sackville NB)

More info to come.


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