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Members Project | Living Is Easy | Ellie Desire

Updated: Aug 10, 2022


Living is Easy is a professional development program for Struts Gallery Members. Participating artists are invited to use gallery space to stage or document work, install an exhibit, or generally experiment with their work in the space.

Exhibition Dates: May 17 to 28


(Moncton NB)

Originally from Ottawa, Ellie is an emerging artist and Graphic Design student at McKenzie college set to graduate summer 2022. She received a certificate in the Visual Art Foundation with honours at McKenzie college in 2021. Diagnosed with autism in the early stages of life, Ellie’s peculiar way of seeing the world and life experiences have shaped her art making.

Ellie will be exhibiting a recent selection a surreal, acrylic paintings, ink drawings, and watercolours within the theme of Peculiar Dream.


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