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OPEN STUDIO | Bundon Pfeifer Henderson | July 10 – August 12

They’re all here!* We welcome Bundon Pfeifer Henderson as our Open Studio Artists in Residence. The collaborative collective of Regina-based movement and theatre artists Johanna Bundon and Jayden Pfeifer, and Montréal-based (and Regina ex-pat) media and visual artist Lee Henderson has been working together since 2018.

While at Struts, the trio will be working ‘Untitled Peter Tripp Project' (UPTP) based on Peter Tripp, a once-celebrated radio DJ, who performed a publicity stunt in 1959 by broadcasting continuously, without sleeping, for 201 hours, from a glass booth in Times Square.

Bundon Pfeifer Henderson will be doing (relatively) spontaneous performances throughout the next month.

Please follow @strutsgallery on Instagram for announcements. Or, if you’d like a direct line to their announcements, write to with subject line: “Bundon Pfeifer Henderson mailing list” and you’ll get announcements straight to your inbox.

*Johanna and Jayden are traveling with Amos (14) and Hannelor (5).

About Bundon Pfeifer Henderson

"We have been aware of each others' work for 15 years. We share a dedication to studio practice and a common interest in evoking imagined identities through the use of movement, image, text, and sound. We are committed to unearthing surprising, unsettling, and uncanny performance predicaments. We entered into collaborative work in 2018, immersing ourselves in researching and creating 'Untitled Peter Tripp Project' (UPTP). Tripp, a once-celebrated radio DJ, performed a publicity stunt in 1959 by broadcasting continuously, for 201 hours, from a glass booth in Times Square. UPTP is our container for generating new work across disciplines. This source material has proved lush terrain, and we continue to engage the broader arena of Tripp’s myth—a space we enter together to research our personal relationships to themes of broadcast, public failure, and exhaustion. Each of us have different priorities, and diverse practices in visual arts, theatre, and dance. We are growing a project that includes each of our distinct voices in a conversation. These influences are evident in the work, and in our way of working: placing our impulses in uncomfortably close proximity to one another, generating a unique amalgam as a trio."


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