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Open Studio | Jordan Hill | October 10 – Nov 10

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

We’re so happy to welcome Jordan Hill, our final Open Studio Artist in Residence of the year. Jordan is a multimedia artist from T’Sou-ke Nation (Victoria, B.C.), currently based on Mi'kma'ki Territory (Halifax) since 2021. His practice involves heavy use of 3D animation and projection to physically consume spaces and facilitate moments of sensory contemplation. This work and research allude to a growing problem within contemporary culture where the line between fact and fiction is blurred. Through the intersection of digital and physical environments and structures, he questions the thematic parallels between both real and virtual spaces of the in-between. Jordan’s work aims to intervene in a world moving far too quickly, and interrogate what ways we allow the speed and the artificial to undermine our own intuition.

During his time on the east coast, Jordan has worked with the Centre for Art Tapes, Third Space, Arts Atlantic Symposium, and Memory Activism Symposium to collaborate and display works of his own. Through the Struts Residency, he is developing projects that compare fleeting and wasteful qualities in both virtual space, and urban development trends.

While at Struts, Jordan will be continuing his research and experimentation. He’ll be working towards and building structures that integrate 3D modeled video/image work into physical environments and/or forms. He’ll also be contributing to our No Ceiling: It’s About Time program by holding a Projection Mapping Workshop.

For more information about Jordan's work:


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