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Short Films | Sook-Yin Lee & Dylan Gamble

Updated: Aug 10, 2022

Short Films by Sook-Yin Lee & Dylan Gamble

Death and Sickness

Who Cares

Sook-Yin Lee is a filmmaker, musician, multimedia artist and radio and TV broadcaster (MuchMusic, CBC, BBC). Lee is a Canadian Screen Award winning actor, Los Angeles Film Festival award-winning writer/director, and New York Festival and Gabriel Award-winning broadcaster. She has released eleven albums of music with bands: Bob’s Your Uncle, Slan, Jooj (with Adam Litovitz), and as a solo artist and film composer. Her movies have aired on Netflix US, HBO Europe, and she starred in the groundbreaking LGBTQ adventurous sex comedy Shortbus that premiered at the Cannes International Film Festival.

Dylan Gamble is a writer, actor, musician, filmmaker and film composer who studied music at college and plays in the band Hot Garbage


Duration: 80 minutes

A comedy-drama made by a cast and crew of two: Sook-Yin Lee and Dylan Gamble during the lockdown.

Sook-Yin and Dylan, two lonely and messed up strangers who recently met at a karaoke bar, decide to lockdown together in a tiny house during a global pandemic. They try to adapt to an upended world but as chaos rages on they lose grasp. ​When Sook-Yin communicates with the dead and tries to merge Dylan with her deceased lover, he scrambles to assert himself. ​Pushed to their limits, they dive into imaginative worlds with Dylan leading Sook-Yin through The Enchanted Arena to retrieve her lost soul. ​Death and Sickness unfolds in everyday events and psychedelic and sci-fi escapes. A bittersweet rumination on love and mortality that grieves the loss of the world as we know it and steps shakily into an unsettling and exhilarating future.


Duration: 37 minutes

WHO CARES? is the follow up to Lee and Gamble’s made-in-pandemic-lockdown feature movie Death and Sickness.

A personal video essay by musician/filmmakers Sook-Yin Lee and Dylan Gamble, who share survival strategies and explore the complicated notion of community care. “What does it mean to take care of yourself and others when everything falls apart?”


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