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START Gallery | Lydia Paterson | A Place Where Something Grows

February 25 - March 7

Closing Reception: March 7, 5-7pm


“Home” used to be a simple term. As kids, it was where we would race to, from the bus stop after school, eager to tell Mum about our day. Now, I associate the term with time spent with others rather than a physical space. Home now looks like coffee with my three sisters, walks with my mum and dad, and cups of tea with old friends. The meaning of home has become more of an act of reflection on the everyday routine established by new and old relationships. “A Place Where Something Grows” explores these ideas connected with home, relationships, and routine. This collection of works consists of paintings depicting home through physical spaces. Additionally, the sculptural components illustrate routine and relationships within the domestic space.

Image: The Warmth Of A Full House, 2023, Oil on Stretched Canvas


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