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STARTGallery | Autumn Martin | among the ghosts and the grass

March 10 - 22, 2024

Opening reception: March 10

Among the Ghosts and Grass is an ongoing exploration of the ephemerality of nature. The resulting work is an abstract documentation of the waterways which span North and North-East from Chignecto Bay as well as the land which they connect. I have become fixated on not only capturing my experience out in this environment, but the experience of the environment itself and cyanotype is the medium which I have chosen for this task. Cyanotype is a form of sun-printing, which allows me to create longer exposures by leaving the UV-sensitive materials out in the landscape for days at a time. The cyanotypes do what I cannot, they bear witness to the land and physically embody what they experience. I may be the one to place them in the landscape, but it is a conversation between the cyanotype and the elements which creates the final work.


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