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Summer BBQs | Weekly Event

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

A digital illustration of a hamburger, complete with cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, and sesame seed bun. In mustard, text reads "Struts BBQ."

Fridays from 12pm - 1pm

Starting June 18th

Join us outside of Struts Gallery, enjoy a local beef burger, a veggie dog, and some sun! Every dollar spent helps support your local artist-run-centre. Cash only.


Due to Covid-19, Struts Gallery asks that all attendees follow the following guidelines. We thank you for your understanding and patience.

  • We are only allowed to have 50 people max at an outdoor event at one time. If capacity is reached we will have to turn people away.

  • Masks are mandatory. Outdoor events still require masks when physical distancing is not possible. We are a small venue with not much space to spread out. Masks must remain on when not eating some delicious food. Scarves, face shields without masks, and bandanas do not count.

  • BBQs will be subject to cancellation depending on Covid-19 case numbers. Follow us on social media for future updates.

  • Chairs will be arranged in groups to allow for physical distancing while eating. We ask that you sit with your bubble/household to reduce potential spread.

  • Names and numbers will be collected for contact tracing.

Struts Gallery's other Covid-19 protocols and gallery hours can be found on our website.

A digital illustration of a pickle, olive green with ridges and knobs. It is sliced down the middle, with three thin slices displayed next to it.

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