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Ft. Kay Burns, David Hoffos & Mary-Anne McTrowe, Liss Platt, Ryan Suter, Anne Macmillan, Stephen Kelly, Mireille Bourgeois, Jennifer Campbell, Jacynthe Carrier, and Wes Johnston.

Sackville, New Brunswick: Struts Gallery, 2015

[105 pp.], 18.5 x 13.5x 1cm, hardcover


"Heat Wave is a series of offsite media art exhibitions that took place in the summer of 2014. Three curators from the Atlantic region were invited to bring their unique perspectives to a trio of separate exhibitions installed outside of the gallery; reimagining Sackville's under-used space as a presentation sites. Themes of science, myth, experimentation, place, performance and mocement ere explored through the work of eight Canadian artists from a variety of backgrounds and media art practices. Each exhibition was accompanied by a roundtable discussion where the artits and curator share their thoughts and work with the community. 


Heat Wave presented engaging work contextualized through curatorial practice and offered the unique viewing eperience fundamental to offsite exhibition. The program resisted trends and definitions, pushed the boundaries of the gallery, and challenged traditional forms of art viewership.


An extension of the exhibition series and an object in its own right, this publication represents the final segment of Heat Wave. As with the series of exhibitions, each artist and curator contributed their passion and insignt to this program. In the sprit of collaboration, we trust them with the last word."


- Elliott Hearte, Media Arts Manager--Struts Gallery & Faucet Media Arts Centre

Heat Wave | Various Artists

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