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[Jeff Khonsary and Antonia Pinter, editors]

Institutions by Artists Volume 2
Vancouver, Canada: Fillip, 2021

335 pp., 11.2 × 18.71 cm., softcover

Edition size unknown



Following Institutions by Artists: Volume One and the eponymous convention from which both volumes take their name, this second anthology of texts continues the work of unpacking artists’ relationships to—and creation of—a larger set of structures that increasingly regulate, demarcate, and codify contemporary artistic practice: centres of economic and cultural capital; state and private apparatus; and sites of display, storage and production.

This volume’s contributing authors present a series of historical and contemporary case studies, investigating artists’ connections to various manifestations of institutionalized practice. These case studies describe practices that developed in places as disparate as Vancouver, London (Ontario), East Los Angeles, Scotland, and Trinidad and Tobago. Also included are transcripts of two debates held during the 2012 Institutions by Artists Convention, which asked: “Is there space for art outside the market and the state?” and “Should artists professionalize?”


With contributions by Ken Becker, Matei Bejenaru, Tania Bruguera, Julia Bryan-Wilson, Dana Claxton, Christopher Cozier, Jeff Derksen, Sean Dockray, Dirk Fleischmann, Sam Gould, Candice Hopkins, Jesi Khadivi, Deirdre Logue, Sarah Lowndes, Jaleh Mansoor, Philip Monk, Post Brothers & Chris Fitzpatrick, Christopher Régimbal, Gregory Sholette, Slavs and Tatars, Claire Tancons and Tania Willard.


Institutions by Artists Volume 2 | Jeff Khonsary and Antonia Pinter, editors

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