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A Compendium of Prairie Cinema
Edited by Melanie Wilmink and Solomon Nagler

Nevermore Press

21.5 cm x 15.3cm x 1.5cm


Landscape of Moving Images documents artist’s work and independent film histories from Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Covering a range of topics from individual artistic practices to the institutional histories of artist-run centres and queer film festivals, this publication assembles some of the perspectives and histories that give shape to prairie media arts. As stories that usually exist ephemerally and are rarely written about within a critical lens, this text aims to archive and expand the discussion about how environments and moving images shape one another in the diverse landscapes of the Canadian prairies.

Artist Projects by: Mike Maryniuk, Lindsay Mcintyre, Dianne Ouellette, and Rhayne Vermette.

Essays By: Vicki Van Chau, Hannah Godfrey, Peter Hemminger, Jonathan Petrychyn, Alexander Rogalski, Daina Warren, and Janine Windolph.

Landscape of Moving Images | edited by Melanie Wilmink and Solomon Nagler

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