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Struts Gallery is pleased to announce Struts TV, a new, experimental media arts initiative that will integrate our equipment and software holdings with creative, hands-on production, presentation, performance, mentorship, and training. 

We are looking for artists, performers, and eager collaborators for this new community project. Inspired in-part by Sappyfest’s 2021 Infinite Variety Telethon and classic cable-access television, we intend to expand on this concept to develop an ongoing, exploratory, online media-arts platform. Our aim with Struts TV is to provide practical, on-site media-arts training, develop community skills, provide an outlet for video presentation, and the creative context and infrastructure for a variety of collaborative artforms to emerge.

Struts TV can encompass a limitless range of forms and possibilities for content and engagement including documentary, comedy, animation, performance and sound/music, or hand-on elements like costume, props, or set design.

As a place to start we are excited to connect with the abundance of talent, skills, and knowledge within the community. If you have ideas for content, an interest in performing or presenting your work, or just an eagerness to collaborate on production, join us on Wednesdays throughout the month of June at 7PM!

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