Myriam Jacob-Allard
November 5, 2016 - December 8, 2016

Myriam Jacob-Allard is from Abitibi-Témiscamingue, she lives and works in Montreal. She received a master’s degree in Fine Arts and Media Arts from the Université du Québec à Montreal (2014) and a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts from Concordia University (2009).

Farewell Reception – Myriam Jacob-Allard
December 6, 2016: 5:00pm - 7:00pm

Please join us for an informal reception on Tuesday December 6 between 5pm & 7pm to say farewell to our current Open Studio artist-in-residence Myriam Jacob-Allard before she returns to Montreal and to view the work she’s made during her residency at Struts & Faucet. All are welcome.

I was thinking, how about this? 34th Annual Holiday Members Show & Sale
December 9, 2016 - December 16, 2016

Over 30 members of Struts Gallery & Faucet Media Arts Centre submit works to the Annual Holiday Members Show & Sale each December. Join us at the opening reception, Friday December 9 at 7:00pm, to view over 60 works from artists near and far. There will be a holiday card-making activity for kids, music and festive goodies. All are welcome.


Reading + Book Launch
December 14, 2016: 7:30pm

At Thunder & Lightning Ltd, 23 Bridge Street.

The non-fiction essays that make up Notes from a Feminist Killjoy: Essays on Everyday Life attempt to think publicly about why we need feminism, and especially why we need the figure of the feminist killjoy, now. From the complicated practices of being a mother and a feminist to building friendships amongst women as a community-building and -sustaining project, to writing that addresses rape culture from the Canadian context and beyond, Notes from a Feminist Killjoy invites the reader into a conversation gender, feminism, and living in our inequitable world.


Pickard Quarry Transpose – William Robinson
January 20, 2017 - February 17, 2017

‘Pickard Quarry Transpose’ investigates the material origins of Mount Allison University Chapel. Using musical translation, sound, performance and art objects, the exhibition will explore the architectural elements comprising the Chapel’s design in connection with the geological, geographical, industrial and historical origins of its physical components.

March 19, 2017 - April 22, 2017

CCC (see see see) (sea sea sea) (si si si) is a small art collective consisting of one visual artist, Braden Labonte and one audio artist, Angela Shackel. They have exhibited works in Canada, Europe, the US and the UK. They have also been invited to produce audio works for such institutions as the Koffler Centre and Project Bookmark in Toronto, The Centre for Contemporary Arts in Glasgow and Princeton University in New Jersey.


Beth Frey
April 30, 2017 - June 3, 2017

Beth Frey is a Montreal-based artist working in drawing, sculpture, installation and performance. Using humour and pathos, Frey examines the boundaries and ruptures of the body as sites of growth and creativity vis-a-vis the boundaries and ruptures intrinsic to the art objects she creates.

Marco D’Andrea
June 25, 2017 - July 29, 2017

Born in Ontario, Canada, D’Andrea grew up in the small town of Sharon. In this semi-rural community the legacy of the 1970s – long hair, big cars, loud stereo systems and hard rock on vinyl – still had influence. Sound had weight and dimension; D’Andrea has strong memories of lying on the floor listening to Deep Purple records, feeling the bass in his body and imagining different worlds.


Life of a Craphead
August 20, 2017 - September 23, 2017

Life of a Craphead is the collaboration of Amy Lam and Jon McCurley since 2006. Their work spans performance art, film, and curation. Projects include The Life of a Craphead Fifty Year Retrospective, 2006-2056 (Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto, 2013), an fake career retrospective of all the work they will ever make; Double Double Land Land (Gallery TPW, Toronto, 2009), a play interrupted by a staged wedding; and Free Lunch (2007), a public, anonymously-advertised free lunch serving everything on the menu of a restaurant.


Marc Bell
September 24, 2017 - October 28, 2017

Marc Bell has befuddled and bemused his readers for over twenty years. He is the author of Stroppy, Hot Potatoe [sic], Pure Pajamas, and Shrimpy and Paul and Friends and is a co-founder of The All-Star Schnauzer Band. His comics have appeared in many Canadian weeklies, Vice, and LA Weekly. He has also shown his artwork in galleries all over the world. He appeared in Sackville, NB during the Spring of 2015 to distribute some jam (for FREE) but there were not many takers (if any). He sometimes updates his old blog He has an instagram account but doesn’t use it.