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Video Production Workshop Series | Learn how make your own video

By the end of this series of 4 workshops, participants will gain the foundational skills necessary to shoot and edit their own video projects using Struts Gallery’s media arts equipment. All people are welcome to register for these workshops as one offs or as a series.

Workshop pricing: $10/Struts member or $25/non-member | Facilitator: Lucas Morneau

Register in advance by contacting or drop by Struts Gallery!

Introduction To Digital Cameras and Camcorders

Saturday, March 9th – 1-4PM

Learn the ins and outs of digital cameras and camcorders in this introductory workshop. Orient yourself with the parts of the camera and gain an understanding of exposure, frame rate, and colour space. This workshop is perfect for anyone who wants to learn how to use any of our digital cameras and camcorders.


Introduction to Lighting

Saturday, March 23rd — 1-3PM

Discover the basics of lighting in this hands-on lighting workshop. Orient yourself with our lights and lighting modifiers, and see how different light change the look of your video. Participants will also learn DIY solutions to diffuse and bounce natural light.

Introduction to Audio Production for Video:

Saturday, April 20 – 1-3pm

Gain an understanding of audio production for video in our introductory audio workshop. Familiarize yourself with our microphones and audio recorders, learn how to use them and how to reduce background noise. Participants will even learn DIY tricks for recording audio at home.

Introduction to Editing with DaVinci Resolve

Saturday, May 4 – 1-4pm

Want to unplug from those expensive subscription-based video editing software? Dive into editing on the free version of DaVinci Resolve in this introductory workshop. Orient yourself with Resolve’s many tools, including cutting and splicing, inspectors, generators, subtitles, and more.


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