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Workshop | QT Life Drawing, the Time Flies Edition | Nadia Moss

This workshop happens in two parts

Friday, October 27, 7 – 10pm

Saturday, October 28, 2 – 5pm

Pre-registration is required

Location disclosed upon pre-registration

Presented by Struts as part of No Ceiling: It's About Time

QT Life Drawing, the Time Flies Edition is a two-part queer life drawing workshop and community experiment, open to anyone who is interested (no drawing experience necessary!)

Drawing from life is remarkable for the intense, quiet focus that it can bring to any type of room. It is a most reliable way to get people into ‘the zone’ - ie an experience of a continuous present. And to be in “the zone” within the temporal limitations of a workshop often means a distorted experience of time passing,or flying away.

With this idea as a starting point, artist and instructor Nadia Moss will host a life drawing class (short and long poses from a nude model, exercises to try, new ways to look, how to translate the human that you see onto flat surface etc) to investigate the conditions that create this ‘zone’ and our experience of time, and we’ll see what happens!

All materials will be supplied, but you are welcome to bring whatever dry media you want to work with. To register, email: with subject line Q/T Life Drawing

More about Q/T Life Drawing

This drawing workshop is designed by instructor, Nadia Moss, for LGBTQ2SAII+ people and our allies to safely and joyfully work on our skills in a room of peers. They have held workshops in Montreal, on-line, and in Nelson BC for Kootenay Pride Week. No matter the context, the atmosphere is playful, friendly and supportive. People who identify with having a body that falls outside of the cis-heteronormative, white supremist, ableist, fat-phobic, ageist beauty standards are strongly encouraged to enroll.

Instructor’s Bio

Nadia Moss is a middle-aged antizionist jewish mother and non-binary “weird old man” (according to their kid). They live in Tiotia:ke/Montreal, where they formed their political and artistic sensibility outside of formal art and academic institutions, and where they have been a part of art and music communities for over twenty years.

Their drawing and installation has exhibited in galleries and independent spaces across the continent, and their work is featured in countless records, magazines, posters, books and postcards. They teach drawing independently with Queer and Trans Life Drawing, and at Dawson College. They draw every day.


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