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Residency | Cynthia Naggar | Open Studio

Updated: Nov 9, 2021

A film still featuring two separate images on a black screen. On the left, A young white woman's face looks down in profile, a leather headband over her forehead and eerily light. ON the left, a figure plays guitar on a stool on a staircase, between two large white flats.

Struts Gallery is pleased to host a virtual residency with Cynthia Naggar through the month of April, 2021

Every year Struts Gallery hosts a series of artist residencies, embedding artists from across the country and abroad into our space and our local community, for a period of 5 weeks. Artists are invited to set up their studio in the gallery and stay on-site in our residency suite. Artists are offered the freedom to continue their practice, develop a new project or create a site-specific work and are encouraged to creatively engage with the community through talks, workshops, or other artist-initiated events. The Open Studio program aims to develop artists’ practices by supporting experimentation without the pressure to present a resolved body of work. Of course, as a result of restrictions posed by the pandemic, we are unable to physically host artists in our space at this time. But it's in this same spirit that we host our first virtual Artist-in-Residence, Cynthia Naggar. We invite you to visit Cynthia's artist page to learn more about her work, studio practice and works-in-progress. Please also join us in welcoming her over Instagram, where over the course of the month Cynthia will share insights into her working method as well as an artist project designed for the platform.


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