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AD HOC Workshop | No Drones Over Dorchester | An Introduction to Drones

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

A screenshot of a digital map of New Brunswick, pale green against the pastel blue ocean, with small transparent red circles as pinpoints over scattered towns.

Faucet Media Centre is pleased to announce an upcoming workshop,

No Drones Over Dorchester, An Introduction to Drones.

Learn how to control and fly Faucet's newly acquired drone, as well as drone safety and where you can and cannot fly. This is a great opportunity for members interested in use of the drone for film and photography. Come to our Friday BBQ and stay for the workshop!


Location: Struts Gallery

July 16 at 1pm

Members of all ages are welcome.

Spaces are limited. First come first serve.

To sign up, contact our Production Manager at

Attendees are asked to follow Struts Gallery's current Covid-19 protocol, found here.


Faucet Media Centre rental equipment information can be found here. Any member who wishes to rent the drone must be trained in drone use and safety protocol first.


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