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Exhibition | Outside In | Eva Pestrin & Lydia Paterson

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

Summer Student Exhibition

August 11 – September 4

Outside In depicts the oddity of delineating and organizing space. Specifically, the installation investigates the manufactured disconnect of internal space from external space. Through representing and abstracting space, Outside In encourages one to reflect on how geography and space came to be divided while questioning societal obsessions of controlling and owning space. The installation is composed of multiple unfixed units that contain two contradicting faces. The pink fibrous side of these units represents internal space as it mimics the pink and organic nature of organs. The contrasting cool-gray counterpart represents external space, mimicking the rigid symmetry and muted tones of industrial buildings. We encourage viewers to move, interact with, and build new structures with these units, further abstracting these representations of space.

About the artists

Eva Pestrin is a fourth year BFA student at Mount Allison University. With a focus on sculpture, Eva’s practice often involves rigid industrial materials and fiber-based mediums. Such material combinations regularly produce traditional commentary on gendered ideals and ways of working. Aside from inherent connotations around her work, Eva’s ongoing practice focuses on time and connectivity. Specifically, her practice focuses on similarities among the masses and the commonality of human experiences.

Lydia Paterson is a fourth-year BA student majoring in Fine Arts at Mount Allison University. Lydia's artistic practice touches on several mediums but primarily focuses on sculpture and painting. Her work uses several materials, creating an ongoing artistic and material exploration within her art; however, Lydia's practice does focus on the senses. The physical matter of her work constructs ideas of childhood nostalgia, functionality, and humour, reflecting on the use of our senses through the use of various materials that appeal to the desire to touch, see, and interact with the artwork.


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