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Exhibition | TimeShare | Claire Hunter

A digital illustration of a laptop with a DaVinci Resolve logo on the screen (a black circle with a cmyk border and three raindrop shapes, also in cmyk, with the points facing the centre of the circle. The background has diagonal yellow and white stripes. There is text above the laptop in a thick black font that says "ADHOC Workshop: Video Editing 101".

TimeShare | Undefined Figure

Claire Hunter February 8 - 26, 2022 "The piece is about experiencing a disconnect between body and mind. Not only when dealing with dysphoria, but when thinking of the past self/future self. How past hardships feel like years ago and how past selves don't feel like the person you are today. In the video work I have clips of me crying after hearing some unexpected news versus the skin suit me who still has no emotions. The skin suit begins to have more buttons, like stop motion, to morph like a shedding of the skin." - Claire Hunter

The Gallery is once again open to the public, but we ask that you book an appointment to see the exhibition ahead of time. This helps us limit the number of visitors in the space at once time. About Claire Claire Hunter is a recent graduate of Mount Allison University, where they completed their Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2020, and currently resides in Fredericton, New Brunswick. They are a queer artist whose practice uses video, installation, performance, sculpture, printmaking, and textiles to discuss their experiences as a queer and nonbinary person. For Claire, it is about bringing back power to queer people where it is commonly unsafe. They live in rural Canada, which makes spaces like bathrooms, clubs, hospitals, and places of worship potentially unsafe. They express this by using their bodily fluids as a tool. By using their bodily fluids, they explore how everyone is the same – we all urinate. To explore this in the past, they have consumed specific food to dye the color of their urine to use it as a medium and had a queer Virgin Mary spit in their mouth. Presently, they explore textiles to comfort those who do not feel empowered.


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