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Living is Easy | Magali Charron & John Haney | (MAGIC)

Updated: May 29

June 4 - 18

Reception: Friday, June 14, 5 -7pm

Magali Charron and John Haney live five minutes apart by vehicle. They exist, respectively, in realms that have one foot in the domestic household and one foot in the magic forest. As artists and parents, they are on parallel journeys chronicling the lives of their children in a world of light, mud, water, and trees, always with a backdrop of wonder. Their interactive, photo-based installation at Struts incorporates elements of those physical worlds, embodying the sense of magic they attempt to portray collaboratively with their kids.

About the Artists

Travelling an adventuresome pathway from classical music through photography, sculpture, writing, and performance, Magali Charron (she/her) has explored themes of alienation and family intimacy. She finds grandiosity on a small, everyday scale. Recently returning to the Maritimes with her family of artistic collaborators, she has begun taking a closer look at family, roots, and growth through photography and clay sculpture. Magali lives in Sackville, New Brunswick.

After eight years away, John Haney (he/him) took-up residence in an old farmhouse on the Bay of Fundy. He works across visual media from photography to text, sculpture, and installation. His subjects are diverse, but recurring themes are place, family, history, and language. In 2019 he debuted Wood Point Art Projects with an inaugural event, the Ark, which he hopes was the beginning of a longer-term engagement with the landscape through art. John lives in Wood Point, New Brunswick.

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