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Open Call | Sappyfest | Infinite Variety Show

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

A four panel comic in varying shades of purple and red depicts a figure painting a portrait, two playing ping pong, a sombre man cooking, and a person interviewing a black cat with a microphones. Text wraps around the squares, reading "Sappyfest sixteen infinite variety."

Sappyfest, in collaboration with Struts Gallery, presents Infinite Variety Show

Friday 30th to Saturday 31st

Artists! We're looking for your participation in Infinite Variety!

Maybe you have a performance, reading, chat show, workshop, scientific demonstration, cooking show, comedy routine, or unexpected prowess or skill you'd like to present? We’d love to hear your ideas! Have fun, be serious, get real. Individual performances can be anywhere between 10 minutes and 2 hours and will be streamed live from Struts Gallery. Sappyfest: Infinite Variety is inspired by cable access telethons and the spirit of community presentation. Infinite Variety will be performed live at Struts Gallery in Sackville, NB from the evening of Friday July 30th through the evening of Saturday July 31st and streamed out to a worldwide audience on the Sappyfest web channels. All public health guidelines will be followed in the creation and presentation of Sappyfest: Infinite Variety. There will be no live audience and the on-site crew will be following all COVID safety protocols. We welcome applications for any type of performance or presentation. Artists will be paid in accordance with CARFAC.

There is no deadline for application, though we will begin reviewing applications as soon as they come in.

Questions? Please contact

More information and the application form can be found here.


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