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Soundwalk | Listen… in time… | Janet Hammock

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

Friday, October 27, 1 – 4pm

Length: Approximately 3 hours

Pre-registration required

Begin and end at Struts

This Soundwalk is part of No Ceiling: It's About Time

As both listeners and sounders, we are full-time participants in the creation of the soundscape. Whether our sounding and listening is intentional or unintentional, ours is a ceaseless, dynamic, continually-changing relationship with the Earth. We sometimes behave as if we have all the time in the world, but the title I chose for this Deep Listening gathering carries with it a sense of urgency and an imperative: “Listen…in time…“ Over the past half century, an increasing emphasis on the sense of sight relegated to the shadows the importance of listening. Today that is changing. Now we recognize that listening with intention to everything possible can be a powerful instructor. We are awakening, not only to what can be heard by the ear itself, but also to that which has been hidden due to our lack of awareness that our entire bodies are “ears”. “Walk so silently that the bottoms of your feet become ears.” Pauline Oliveros was among the first to teach that the regular, intentional practice of Deep Listening effects a profound change in our relationships with everything on and of this Earth. We begin to feel and comprehend on a wordless level that we are indeed part of a complex and ever-changing whole — in continual relationship with Mother Earth, with each other, and with ourselves. 

Our afternoon will be dedicated to the practice of Deep Listening together. After a brief introduction to Deep Listening, the largest portion of time will be devoted to taking a Soundwalk together. It will be approximately 1-1/2 - 2 hours in length. The walk will take place both inside and out, regardless of weather, and we’ll follow a map which will be given to each participant at the outset. There will be no talking during the Soundwalk, only listening and sounding. Please wear comfy shoes and dress in weather-appropriate layers. If it’s raining please bring an umbrella or, better still, wear a raincoat! If you wish, you may bring a recording device and/or a notebook. From time to time we will pause to engage in a specific Deep Listening strategy. Opportunities to sit for short periods of time will be incorporated into the walk. At the end I will invite participants to share experiences and process together.

Pre-register for the sound walk by emailing with subject line Soundwalk

About the artist

A certified Deep Listening Artist, Janet has taught this meditative listening practice in California, at Mount Allison University, and across Atlantic Canada. She received her training with Deep Listening creator, Pauline Oliveros, dream specialist, Ione, and master Tai Chi Instructor, Heloise Gold in retreats at Rose Mountain, New Mexico. Her innovative course, Sonic Explorations at Mount Allison University, drew students from across the university. 


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