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START Gallery | Homebody | Jasmine Vautour & Emma Connors

Updated: Jul 28, 2022

We are excited to announce Homebody, a new exhibition presented by START Gallery. Homebody consists of multimedia works exploring ideas of the everyday and home. The exhibition is open to the public March 1 to March 12, Tuesday to Saturday, 10-5.

Jasmine Vautour

Jasmine Vautour (she/her) is a New Brunswick based artist who mainly works in photo, print and drawing. Her autobiographical work is about home life and cultural identity. She has collaborated with other artists as a studio assistant, a group muralist, and her work has appeared in a collaborative zine. Vautour was among the first recipients of the Gibbens Lassonde Performance award, and she was selected as the 2019-2020 recipient of the Ogden Memorial Prize. Vautour is finalizing her BFA and intends to pursue an MFA.

Emma Connors

Emma Connors (she/they) is a Sackville based maker that primarily works in painting, printmaking, and drawing. Connors enjoys drawing attention to the everyday by use of colours, textures, and superimposition. Connors’ accomplishments include a collaborative group zine, the J.E.A Crake scholarship in their third year of university, and the Natalie LeBlanc Forrestall Bursary in their first year of university. Currently, Connors is in their fourth year of their Bachelor of Fine arts at Mount Allison University.


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