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Two-part Workshop | Electronics and Controllers for Artists And Makers | Keagan Hawthorne

Electronics and Controllers for Artists and Makers

A Two-Part Workshop

Presented by Keagan Hawthorne

Part One: April 2nd from 1- 4pm

Part Two: April 9th from 1-4pm

Registration: $45

This is a two-part, hands-on workshop exploring the basics of electronics, micro-controllers, and programming. Facilitated by Keagan Hawthorne, participants will have the opportunity to experiment with circuits and electronic components, learn the basics of programming, and use powerful but inexpensive micro-controllers to control lights, motors, sensors. Micro-controllers are accessible, versatile and have endless possibilities: use newly acquired skills to create motor-driver artworks, motion-activated video, LED light sequences, and more!

No previous experience with electronics or programming is necessary.

Keagan Hawthorne is a poet, letterpress printer, and proprietor of The Hardscrabble Press. He holds degrees in Folklore and Electronics Engineering, and has facilitated community workshops on subjects from recycling-based robotics to visual storytelling. He works at the Mount Allison University Library.

Part One of the workshop will explore the basics of:

• Electricity and how it works;

• Electronic components (resistors, diodes, LEDs);

• Analogue vs. Digital electronic signals;

• Arduino micro-controllers; and

• Simple programming.

Part Two of the workshop will explore and interact with the world of:

• Microcontroller inputs - Analogue and Digital;

• Microcontroller outputs - digital and pwm; and

• Sensors, relays, and motors.

All materials are covered by registration costs and are provided by Struts Gallery. Attendees are welcome to take materials home to continue their explorations.

To register for the two-part workshop, please email Production Manager Lucas Morneau.

Masks and proof of vaccination is required.


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