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Living is Easy Member’s Project | Melissa Gauthier | Let’s Start a Brand New Story

A rug hooker since 2000, Melissa Gauthier began creating mats for the old pine floors of her log home. As her passion for the handmade craft continued to grow so did her rug hooking production: over 100 mats using recycled wool cloth, specialty yarns, and simple 2-ply yarns have been her rug hooking output. In her show Let’s Start a Brand New Story, Melissa offers a display of hooked rugs that feature text. “It has always been easier to express my thoughts through writing rather than speaking,” Melissa says. “Writing gives me the chance to record memories and ideas while moving forward with hope. This combination of writing and rug hooking is creativity at its sweetest right now, for me.”

Drop-In Rug Hooking Sessions

Melissa invites all who are interested to join her at Struts Gallery for a series of relaxing hook-ins. Bring a selection of your favourite fabrics and transform them into rug hooking materials for hooking. Melissa will teach you the fundamentals, and encourage the telling of your stories with fiber. Come to one or all of them.

Thursday, June 29 | 2–4pm

Saturday July 1 | 2–4pm

Thursday, July 6 | 2–4pm

Saturday, July 8 | 2–4pm

Alternatively, arrange a time or dedicated rug hooking lessons at the gallery between now and July 10 by contacting, or call/ text to 902 397 2310.


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