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Living Is Easy | You Gotta Be Ready to Go at Any Given Time | Kamaya Lindquist

May 30­ – June 12

Kamaya Lindquist was born in a small town in southern Oregon and has moved almost 30 times in her life across three states, three provinces, one prefecture and four countries. As such, she has become familiar and even fond of existing in a liminal space, since for much of her life, change itself seemed the natural order of things. Responding to reports of the increasing number of global natural disasters and climate refugees, she wanted to tap into the nomadic mindset again, always ready to move and adapt to an ever-shifting environment. Lindquist went about creating miniature scenes on found wood scraps, pairing carefully crafted miniature personal items like sweaters, hats, and tents, with broken fences, crumbling brick walls, lone streetlights and other markers that suggest transition from a previously organized civilization. Her scenes are intentionally left looking raw as opposed to finished, enclosed dioramas.

You Gotta Be Ready to Go at Any Given Time invites viewers to reflect on their own notions of safety, home, and security, as well as the impressive adaptability and resiliency of the human spirit. Empty of figurines, the viewer is compelled to finish the scenes on display by imagining themselves in it. You Gotta Be Ready to Go at Any Given Time also features recorded perspectives from at-risk youth at Youth QUEST Central in Moncton.

This show is part of Struts professional development program, Living is Easy.


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