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Members Project | Living is Easy | Maryse Arseneault

Updated: Oct 27, 2021


Living is Easy is a professional development program for Struts Gallery Members. Participating artists are invited to use gallery space to stage or document work, install an exhibit, or generally experiment with their work in the space.

Exhibition dates: August 24th - September 4th

Three images. The outside images are photographs of the artist dancing on a beach with a costume made of white gloves. The middle image is a drawing of a plant in black and white.

La danse des fleurs sauvages

by Maryse Arseneault

In a recent investigation on alienation and the notion of stewardship, I document plants and learn how to dance through them. For example, I am interested in the structures and movement observed in plants, growing through cycles, sharing space with other life forms. I then seek ways to apply their lessons in daily actions, gestures of care and forms of slow activism. Through drawing, performance and audio-video, my hybrid practice examines storytelling in relation to our feelings of belonging, and how my investment in public spaces can disrupt colonial and capitalistic mindsets.


Want to participate in programs like this in the future? Become a Struts Gallery Member! Available online here.


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