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Struts TV | Camera Demo and Puppet Workshop

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

Struts TV

Camera Demo and Puppet Workshop

Wednesday, June 22, 7pm

Free | Everyone Welcome

Join us tomorrow, for another fun evening of Struts TV. This week, Production Manager Lucas Morneau will facilitate a camera demo and artist Graeme Patterson will introduce us to the craft of puppet making. We will also be reviewing our first Struts TV video, which was filmed during the previous week’s meeting.

Struts TV is a weekly, exploratory, media-arts platform aiming to provide practical media-arts training, an outlet for video presentation, and the creative infrastructure for collaborative art forms to emerge.

If you have ideas for content, an interest in performing or presenting your work, or just an eagerness to collaborate on production, join us at the Gallery on Wednesdays at 7pm for a Struts TV production session. All are welcome. A Zoom info-session and orientation will take place on a later date for those looking to participate remotely.


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